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The idea.

21:40 H. The printer has used up all the ink to print the design manual and you feel you have a truly outstanding logo in your hands. These are the moments that designers thrive upon, giving them that uplifting feeling, solely connected to one of the best professions in the world. At month’s end, however, the euphoria will quickly subside as you take a look at the company’s bank account. Where are the profits amongst all those lines? Haven’t you have worked long, hard and almost non-stop to keep your customer satisfied? There is only one conclusion: Your Your work is not sufficiently remunerated.

But what does „sufficiently“ mean? How do I calculate a „reasonable“ fee? What should I charge for a logo, a photo shoot, a business card, or a website? Which quotes will diminish the value of my own work and conversely, which ones will drive away my customers?


The book.

The book „Calculate Design Fees“ helps you to price your creations.“Design Fee“ is based on more than 10 years of practical experience as a freelance designer. This small guide will help beginning and experienced (web) designers, copywriters and concept designers to properly assess jobs and estimate profitable services.

Create quotes. How can I do that?
Design takes time. Take care of the minutes.
Time takes money. Calculation of the hourly rate.
Caution customer. The briefing.
Here we go. Prepare your estimate.
Who will use it? Agree usage licenses.
The contract. Important contractual principles.


Is this the right book for you?

Who is this book for? „Estimating Design“ should be the ideal help for all self-employed in estimating their offers. In particular, it will cover the following issues: How do I calculate my hourly rate? How do I estimate my (work) effort? What are usage rights and how do I apply them? Even though the basic principles are easily extendable to all service sectors, my practical examples and book or internet recommendations address primarily the creative sector. The book is therefore particularly suitable for:

Graphic designers
Web designers
Writers and concept developers
Textile and Fashion designers
Product designers.

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