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Just see DESIGNFEE in action.

The Real Story Of Adam And Eva.

Just see DESIGNFEE in action.

Calculating fees

Actually the name „DesignCalculator“ is not adequate. You can calculate photo services, web design, text and design services … you can find nearly 200 services for fee-calculation!

Calculate Licenses

With the DesignCalculator you can calculate with a few clicks the use factor: usage extend, usage area, usage period, usage intensity.

Calculate your working time

Each project can be simple, medium or difficult. The DesignCalculator always has the right calculation. More individual? Just calculate your own hours.

Choose your Currency

EUR, USD, GBP … It’s all a question of the currency?! With DesignCalculator you can easily adjust your preferred currency – and your great deal-calculation can start :-)

German & English

The DesignCalculator works both in German and English. All services and screens are available in both languages and you can also changethe currency.

Calculating Hourly rate

What is your hourly rate? Using the DesignfeeCalculater free in-app you can calculate your hourly rate quickly. That way you can calculate realistic quotes.

Synchronize with Evernote

You want to store your offerings in the cloud? Just save your calculation as a project, add some notes if you want – and synchronize with the free cloud service Evernote.

Sending quotes directly by e-mail

You can send your quotes directly by e-mail to your customers. All the important information (project name, hourly rate, use rights and costs) will be sent to your mail program.

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